I'm Alex, a full-stack developer interested in user experience, product development, statically typed languages and functional programming.

My previous background includes project management, digital marketing and web analytics.

In my free time, I enjoy photography.

Tech Stack

I use ReScript / OCaml for making web clients. Rust for everything on a server, as well as for DevOps/infrastructure needs. And Swift for macOS/iOS apps.

My go-to database is PostgreSQL. Also, I have experience with CouchDB.

I deploy using Docker, Kubernetes & AWS Fargate.

A long time ago, I had a backend written in Go, but due to it being unsafe in the context of GraphQL, I dropped it for Rust.

In the beginning, I did Ruby (a little) and JavaScript (a lot). But not anymore.

Project management app based on GTD methodology.
A menubar app for macOS that simplifies file sharing via AWS S3.
Open Source
Forms management for ReScript.
Drag'n'Drop solution for ReScript.
Typed CSS spec for ReScript.
Classnames utility for ReScript.
Debouncer for ReScript.
Logging solution for ReScript.
Task runner and process manager for Rust.
Rust macro for transforming strings inside structs.