Code diet

November 28, 2016

For the past 3 (+/–) years my relationships with the code can be described as relationships of fatty with the fridge, at 3 AM, after alcohol. Development was a funky magic runaway train I was late for and I had to push hard to catch up. But now, when I can state that I jumped in, I must get on the diet to keep going.

No, it’s still same (and even bigger) fun playing with all these shiny new tech toys and do the stuff that I’m doing, but what actually bothers me:

  • Amount of time spent on solving / debating on issues, that has nothing to do with the real world problems: terrifying.
  • Number of books (not focused on specific tech) I read in the past 3 years: 0 (zero).
  • Text notes made outside git repos: close to zero.

Code is extremely powerful matter, but code for code is road to nowhere (of course there are exceptions, but I’m not one of them for sure).